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Merry Christmas 2018

It is a joy, but hard to really believe that this is my 14th Christmas as your Pastor. It continues to be our honor to celebrate the season with you all again this year. It seems every year we have to be reminded of the basic truths of our “significant” faith journey. Jesus is and always will be the reason for this season. He is our reason for every season! Tell His Story to everyone you see. Overflow with “family love” to all your generation. Let “Christ” emphasis your Christmas.

Also, please bring your friends and family to Christmas Worship on, Sunday December 23rd as we shine forth His glory through our praise and worship present our gifts to Jesus. And if you can, please join us the following evening on Christmas Eve (Monday December 24th) at 5:00 p.m. for our annual Community Communion Celebration. In honor of our Savior and Lord, and in gratitude for all the great ministries we enjoy year round at Midwood Baptist Church, many of you are planning, I know, your annual “love gift” at Christmas as we gather for worship. It is almost like a birthday present, isn’t it? There are many great charities to give to during Christmas, but one thing is for sure, we all love our Church and our Lord Jesus, so it is fitting that we would give a special gift this year to Midwood to help out our ministry. Thank you for your love and generosity! You are a wonderful family of faith. I am honored to be a part! Remember Church: “Christmas begins with Christ”…Jesus is Born! Hallelujah!

“Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” (Luke 2:14)          We give God all the Glory for 2018 and the opportunities to minister                              peace and goodwill in Charlotte and around the World!                                                        Merry Christmas and our Love and Thanks to our Church Family

From all the Staff of Midwood Baptist Church

“Sharing ‘your’ Gospel Story”

Sunday January 6th 2018 begins “our” New Year at Midwood

I am so excited about a new Sunday morning series we will be beginning in 2019. We will be journeying together in daily devotions and times of reflection. With the help of a new journey guide, we will study through the book of Acts and apply it to our faith walk in order to live out our life journeys daily asking the LORD for directions and help. We will be listening for a Fresh Word from our LORD who will speak to us at each personal point of need. In such a time as this in our world, we have to be willing to step up and disciple “Generation Next.” My prayer is that this study will allow you to join with me in a new period of mentoring, encouraging, and discipleship.

Over the next year let’s keep a 20/20 Vision focusing sharing “our” Gospel stories!

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