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Welcome Pastor John Maiden

John and Sarah Maiden. John Duke (6), Sadie (4) and Harrison (2)

As we continue our 18th year of ministry together, we are all seeing changes in our world and our Church. I am blessed to be your Pastor and amazed at how God is showing Himself mighty among us in spite of the challenges of COVID-19 and the aftermath. Thank you for all that you are and do to further the Kingdom of God. But, we know God wants to do more! So let me share some exciting news!

I was praying and thinking about retiring from Full-time Pastoral Ministry when I turned 65 back in 2020.In 2017 we began the “Succession/Church Revitalization” ministry approach to make a smooth transition to leadership change. Then Covid-19 hit and the process was slowed. Seeking more help to locate God’s person for this position, I began a conversation with the “Pillar Church Planting Network.” This Southern Baptist affiliated group helps revitalize older Churches and plant new Works. Over those years I have prayed, met with and talked with several men about the possibility of coming to Midwood. No one seemed to be the right fit until now. I really sense that God has directed us to the right man to begin this transition. I am so excited to see God at work. And so, I am excited to introduce you to Pastor John Maiden from The Church at Perry Creek in Raleigh, N.C.

We have called Pastor John Maiden as our future Pastor and Pastor John and his family will join us on staff as my Associate, working together for a year or so, until he becomes Lead Pastor. Our plan is that I will continue to work with him until I will turn the Lead Pastor leadership over to your new Pastor in late 2023 when I turn 69. God’s timing is always perfect and I am convinced that Pastor John and his family will be a perfect fit for Midwood with God’s help. I am honored to be your Pastor now, and humbled to serve such an awesome God. I am very confident that this is God’s will and God’s next move for our Church to grow and reach our neighborhood for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lovingly Yours, Joyfully His,
Pastor Garry



At Midwood we have a simple mission/vision statement:  “Loving God…Loving People”. We truly seek to live out our mission ministry together at Midwood Baptist Church, and with our brothers and sisters in Christ from “sister” Churches. We believe that everyone must realize the boundless, unlimited, and abundant love God has for us “in Christ Jesus.” It is truly something to celebrate! It is a time to celebrate our faith. To celebrate means to get exited and involved. That is the heartbeat of a believer. So starting in January we will be walking through the book of Ephesians in Worship on Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m. Please join us!

The book of Ephesians is just that, a “Celebration in Christ.” It is a call for the believers to get excited and involved. Ephesians presents to us, His body, the magnificent and marvelous depth of the riches of God’s inheritance in the Saints.  So much is already ours “IN CHRIST.”  We must take hold of these riches that are freely ours “IN CHRIST.”  Sitting before your God as you examine the depth of your inheritance “in Christ.”  Walking before your God and the world as you experience the depth of your inheritance “in Christ.”  Standing before your God and against the enemy as you express the depth of your inheritance “in Christ.”  Come with us brothers and sisters and have a “Celebration in Christ.”   In such a time as this in our world, one has to know where they stand on issues that demand an example of that lifestyle. My prayer is that this study will allow you to join with me in sharing our gospel stories with relevance and authenticity.  Let the Church truly be the Church!